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Poster: glenn Date: May 8, 2004 11:26am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

"GWB was elected by The Electoral College. Fair and square. Accept reality. Let it envelop you."

How do you figure that election was 'square'?

What do you consider reality? Anything ClearChannel, Disney, and TimeWarner tell you? Frankly, Patriot, I think you are the one who needs to educate themself. You don't strike me as being a patriot either. Tom Payne was a patriot. Read something he wrote before posting under the name 'patriot' again, that's my recommendation.

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Poster: Patriot Date: May 8, 2004 4:15pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

Glenn, I am sorry amigo... you lose.

Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society. Thomas Payne

While not receiving a majority of the popular vote, GWB did in fact win the Electoral College. For those not familiar with the EC, I'll describe it for you.

Basically, each state is given a number of "votes." Each candidate that wins a state, wins that states pool of electoral votes.

The main reason our founding fathers set it up this way is so that the votes of smaller states would count in a national election. If Presidents were elected on a simple majority, most smaller states may as well not even vote. It is just like the great scales of justice, balancing power, and setting the tone for democracy.

You libs should go back to school.

Here's a few more great quotes that libs should learn, from Thomas Payne...

Those who want to reap the benefits of this great nation must bare the fatigue of supporting it. Thomas Payne.

What we obtain too cheaply, we esteem too lightly. It is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a price upon its goods, and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated. Thomas Payne, 1776

When the government fears the people, it is liberty. When the people fear the government, it is tyranny. Thomas Payne (This is the quote libs love but should fear. It is liberals who advocate tyranny...

So, Glenn... had enough TP? How about some Edmund Burke?

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience. Edmund Burke

I think Edmund says it all about the current situation in Iraq... Liberals want the White House soooo bad, they are willing to do anything, to anyone, at any time to get that power back. It is expedient for you to say that I only get my info from clear channel or blah blah blah... I obviously have deep rooted opinions based in CORE VALUES, that have nothing to do with media. In other words, I can say you are full of crap, and believe it all by myself, without ever being "corrupted" by external sources, as you suggest. I believe it is YOU who are TOLD what to think by similarly mentally handicapped people in the media.

Thanks for your reliance on Thomas Payne quotes. Glad I could skewer you with them. He was a great American Patriot. Unlike you, a whelp of a child who spits upon the very fabric of substance that holds this nation together.


"Liberty will not long survive the total extinction of morals." Samual Adams


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Poster: CBolt Date: May 8, 2004 11:53pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

"It is liberals who advocate tyranny... "
Patriot, can you break this down for me? I'm interested in seeing your reasoning behind this. Examples would be good.

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Poster: Patriot Date: May 9, 2004 2:45pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

Sure. Tyranny doesn't start at the tyrannical stage. Much like the crab in the pot of cold water that slowly begins to boil, tyranny is a slippery slope of good intentions.

We can see that slippery slope in action today. I'll give some examples, some of which you may disagree with, but we'll just have to wait to see what becomes of them.

1. Anti Smoking laws. Nobody, including me, likes to breathe in smoke, except smokers. But, to force, under penalty of law, a private property owner to exclude smoking from their property, is a form of tyranny. It is the government forcing you to surrender partial control of your property, and this is wrong.

2. Environmental law. Again, with the property issue, the government has been increasingly persistent in forcing farmers, ranchers, woodland owners, etc. into giving up control of their land to "protect" species of plants and animals. While noble in its spirit, the total protection of the spotted frog or the spotted owl at the expense of thousands of jobs cannot be justified. How long before the government simply confiscates the land and puts it into a preserve? Maybe not for a few years, but eventually, it will be justified.

3. Furry Critters. An outspoken group has been setting fires, destroying property and injuring people for many years. I think it's the Animal Liberation Front or some crap like that. The groups goals are very identifiable in todays liberal agenda, just their means differ. I believe their means will not differ for too long. There is so much hate today in the libs lives, it is palpable.

4. Welfare. By giving handouts to people who "cannot make it" on their own, an entire generation of people have been enslaved by the good intentions of democrats of days gone bye. The tyranny is two fold. On one hand, the people are so dependent on government, they lose their identities, and whatever chance they had to make something out of their lives is gone. They settle for the easy check, instead of striving to get ahead and be productive. Their lives stagnate, until the checks stop. The second part is that hard working individuals are deprived of income to pay for this. We can debate the morality of this till the cows come home, but how right is it that money I earn is taken from me and used to pay for an activity I do not condone? As an aside, this is all done merely to buy the vote of the person getting assistance. Nice. King George would be proud.

5. Child Protection. You cannot deny that CPS is controlled by liberals. CPS is a tyrannical, jack booted thug organization whose authority is boundless, and whose decisions are so far left, they make Stalin look like Pee Wee Herman sometimes. Just one mention of the girl who was "lost" by CPS in Washington state for 6 years after being taken from her mother because mom refused to let her 12 year old daughter attend a class on lesbianism in school makes my blood boil. When the local magistrate ordered the agency to return the girl, she had been "lost." The girl surfaced just after her 18th birthday, after having spent 6 years in a "colony" of lesbians. One of the CPS workers was rumored to have been a member. There are countless stories like this, you cannot deny. If you do, I'll pull the cases and post them for you.

Shall we talk about eminent domain as imposed by liberally aligned county and state workers? How about unions that force workers to donate to election funds that are used to promote views contrary to their beliefs? Or how about a justice system that lets murderers go free because they ate too many twinkies as a child? Property taxes that make private property ownership impossible by placing a lifetime mortgage that is ever increasing on your ground. Death taxes that force you to sell what your family created to pay off the government at death.... The list is long, and it gets longer every day. On the tax issue, I don't hear any libs wanting to lower my taxes... I hear libs saying they want to lower taxes on people that don't pay any taxes anyway. Confiscatory taxation without representation was a central theme in our revolution.

While these may seem petty at the moment, I say give them and their progenitors time. True tyranny won't show its face for several years yet. Like the crab, the pot has only started to heat up. It won't be long before our government becomes much more intrusive into our lives. And the laws that really scare me come from the minds of the lib.

Take all this, and wrap it up with what is going on in politics today. Good news for America is most certainly bad news for liberals. How many times to I have to hear how we created 288,000 new jobs last month, "but it was not good because..." That is pure propaganda by the liberal mentality trying to convince to vote for John sKerry. The liberal news machine borders on sedition every day, and if you ask me, it will not be long before the news makers absolutely lie to the American People to create a mood of change. THAT is tyranny at its worst. Deception gives way to lie, lie gives way to force, force gives way to the denial of life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. It will happen. It is only a matter of time.


"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
—Mark Twain

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Poster: CBolt Date: May 10, 2004 12:46am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

Some interesting ideas here. The breakdown...

1. I'd agree with you on that. You make the point that private business owners shouldn't be forced to ban smoking from their establishment. It imposes on the rights of the owner and the patron. I would think, and I am fairly certain of this, that most owners in today's health environment, ban smoking from their business merely by popular demand. I live in central Illinois, there are no laws here about smoking in (particularly restaurants) businesses, yet there are only a handful of place where you can, or have smoking sections. (e.g. Steak N Shake, Denny's, the truck stop). America, as a majority, doesn't like second hand smoke. Owners sometimes build separated sections, but those can be uneffective, or costly. Plus they know smokers can last 30 minutes without a cigarette, or they would just stay home, or if they just can't handle it, they can step outside. I don't care if people smoke. I smoked for 13 years. But I care about my body, and I, and the vast majority of the country will not tolerate someone else's addiction, when it encroaches on my personal health and well being. That is what the govt is trying to do, stop others indiscretion from directly affecting the outcome of other's health. I guess Republicans like the idea of segregation so much they would segregate themselves? How about we build little extra buildings separated from every restaurant, and see how your service is. It should be separate but equal...

2. I don't believe that the govt. is forcing anyone to give up the rights to their land. I believe they are not allowed to kill or capture the animal on public lands, which most farmers are using, especially in the west of the country. And that is public land, which the government does have control on. Can you give me a specific example, and better yet, can you apply this to the Democratic Party's thesis?

3. Are you saying that Liberals are using violence and aggression as the means, or the means are what they are trying to obtain. Are you saying that Liberals will soon turn to, what a militia, or military rebellion, or revolution? Are we going to take to the streets with our pitchforks, and ice-picks? Where is our hate directed? What is our hate? Are you suggesting that we are going to start using pipe-bombs to bomb antiabortion clinics? Are we going to start lynching whites that voice their opinion or were seen talking to a Black or Latino woman? Are we going to start saying things like; those that promiscuously display patriotism and never dissent are in actuality not being patriotic because they are leaving there rights to atrophy? You have me a bit confused on this point. Ambiguous at least, I would like to make some points here before I move on, because there is a repeating pattern in your posts, that I would like to comment on.

Repeatedly you say that Liberals are hateful, but you always leave that open ended. Explain. Who do we hate? America? Americans? I think that you hate liberals, blindly, and so you are projecting your hatred onto us, and feel that it is returned. You are applying stereotypes, willy nilly. You must remember that no other person thinks or feels the same way I do, nor does any one think or feel the same way you do. For example, I am a pro-life Democrat. I have dedicated my life to the preservation of human life. I oppose any kind of war or violence, I oppose abortion, I oppose slavery, segregation, hatred, and I am using my life to help give others another chance at correcting the things they should have done right in their life, I am a medical student. The fact that I think women shouldn't have abortions at all is segregating me from the rest of the party. Which is fine with me. I hate the fact that I have to side with Liberals, but in this horrid two-party system, I have no choice, because I can not side with Republicans, because of the violence they have a tendency to inflict others with. Here are my examples. Nearly every military involvement the US has been involved in the last 100 years has been called for by a Republican. I'll list them if you like. Slavery, segregation, encroachment on natural, God-given rights*, the way blacks are still treated today, namely in the South, et cetera. These to me, and most of the world are hateful, and tyrannical.

This tyranny you speak of, I find interesting. If socialism is the extreme of Democratic thought, then fascism is the extreme of Republican thought. Tyranny, if applied correctly means that one, being a single person, uses complete, wanton, despotic power to control the population. Good luck applying that to the Socialist Ideal. Taking a quick glance back at history, I think many more great atrocities to humans have been committed under Fascist states than Socialist ones. Yes, Socialist states generally become corrupt because a lot of power is concentrated in the hands of a couple people, which leads to a perverted fascism. But in its ideal, Socialism is intrinsically a good idea. It holds that value we teach our children, that working together as a team, improves the condition of the team by achieving a common goal. Yes I know that Socialism never works in reality because of the human component, and I very much cherish the idea of hard work equals better pay. As a med student, I am very familiar with the idea of working harder than my peers. On the other hand though, intrinsically, Fascism holds no positive qualities, and that is why we are here today, our ancestors were tired of the Monarchy. And more, for a tyrannical state to occur there is going to have to be a much greater decay in the Democratic process than is occurring now. There can no longer be three branches of government. The Executive will have to declare himself ruler. And that my friend will be very, very hard to do, considering each soldier has sworn to defend the Constitution with their lives, which therein states that there must be three branches of government, and that no one person can have universal sovereignty. Oh, and each American too. May I point out, that any decay in the Democratic Process that is occurring now, can not be solely appointed to the Democrats. (ie. special interest). It is common knowledge that more money gets you more power in our country. I wish I could say that Democrats are immune from the potency of money, but they too are human, and seek one thing, power. Considering that most groups with particular interests will go to Republicans (as the original intent of the party was to protect the interest of companies, and their capital) I make the gross statement Republicans accept more special interest funds than any other party, thus making them more corrupt (that being they are acting on the interest of a few rather than the General Will) and decaying the Democratic Process.

4. I hate welfare. It is human tendency to do as little as you can get by with. If you give someone a hand out they will just keep waiting for a handout. I think of some of the kids I went to school with. They were born into wealthy families, had parents that worked hard, and gave their children what they wanted. The kids just kept expecting handouts. I do think that our welfare program needs to be reworked. We need to motivate those on welfare, but what it will take is a reworking of our social system in this country. And that is something that takes a very long time to happen. One thing that most Democrats don't understand is that there has to be a poor population in every society. There always will be. Always. It is relative. The poverty line for this country is like $13,000/year, or somewhere around that. That is still a far cry wealthier than most of the world. Go to and it will show you where you rank on the scale wealth in the world. At $12,000 you are still in the top 13% of the planet. It hurts me that we just give out money, and what hurts me more is that nearly all of those on welfare are Black. Most people want to help the poor, it is in our nature. But freely distributing money is not the way to go. We need to fix the social injustices Blacks and Latinos get, even out poverty's demographic. But that is about all we can do. That is just the way it works.

I am out of time so I have to cut the rest of this short.
5. Never heard of this
Unions shouldn't never force anyone to do anything. Everything should be democratic. I'll respond on the rest later, when I have time.

*On God-given rights
Let's say for a minute that there are no laws, no government, no regulation, of any form. If a child was born, right here in my living room, that child would be entirely free. Free to say what it wants, do what it wants, and so on. Essentially the Laws of Nature would apply. Those are God-given rights. The idea of Freedom of Speech, and others are simply a restating of the LoN. So to say that we are given the right of free speech is kind of like saying, you have the right to have two arms and two legs, or to use your eyes to see, ears to hear. We aren't given a brain at birth, and told, "OK here is your brain, use it at will, this is your gift for being born in America". But here in the US we like to think that it is a special gift. The only reason people around the world are not allowed to think freely is because they are ruled by a tyrant. Someone who removes the rights of others so that the ruling person will not be "threatened" by actions of his citizens. That sounds like the various Fascist structures of past times to me. Which removed those God-given rights.

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Poster: Patriot Date: May 10, 2004 1:41pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

Well, you make a few good points, but you sound like a good conservative in the making to me. The problem I always have in separating out groups of people is that when I'm talking about a socialist, there's always someone who sees just enough of what they believe in and think I'm going after them.

From left to right in the spectrum, there are anarchists, socialists, liberals, democrats, independants, republicans, conservatives, libertarians, fascists. That's not my definition, but it fits fairly well for most people I guess. Up to you to decide where you fit in.

As far as the hate, that mostly comes from the socialist and the fascist. I pound on them both equally. They are obstructionists with an agenda. They carefully craft their words in ways that devide people, while trying to sound very reasonable. Their level of hatred depends on whom they are speaking to, or who is listening. A great example of this person is Nancy Pelosi. When in her element, her speech and her ideas go beyond criticism of the current administration, and border sedition. When under the magnifying lense of a TV camera or a radio microphone, she sounds like a middle of the road democrat selling daisies to school children.

I guess that's why I identify more with Republicans and the conservative movement. If you ask me what I think, I'll tell you. I may not be the most articulate fella, but you get what my core beliefs are, every time. You will never get a straight answer from Pelosi or Daschle. It may be a consistent answer, but it is not what they believe, nor does it reflect how they will vote. Why?

Your line about wars and Republicans has some merit, but if put to the task, I could probably point out some flawed policies of a previous democrat administration that had influence in the decision making process. Another great point is the outcomes of those wars/military actions under right wing administrations. Dems generally tend to fight politically, while Republicans tend to fight militarily. War sucks, period, but if you are going to do it, do it with overwhelming force, and the best weapons money can buy.

Btw, If you hear someone say "no blood for oil" you've found the mentally challenged soul I despise. Just put the word FOOD in place of OIL and you'll understand why.

I understand your time constraints. I have to run too, but I'll check back in to see if you've added to your excellent post.


"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."
—Bertrand Russell

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Poster: CBolt Date: May 10, 2004 2:51pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

I think I'll skip responding to your previous post. You get my ideas, and I like to stick with the current of the conversation, not return old ideas. "you sound like a good conservative in the making to me". My Mom says the same thing. Course she says that I will return to Protestant Christianity also, which won't happen until there is major reform in the church. I try and look at myself as an Independent, and have considered registering as one. I don't vote only Democrat, I vote logically. Generally the people I vote for are pretty moderate. Radicalism is too idealistic. It never works. See, democracy works when people work together. Too much polarization, and people get mad and fight. When we can both compromise, we create better laws, and a better society. As much as I am pro multi-party elections, I am pro single party (hear me out). My ideal is a single party that we all contribute to. How a democracy is supposed to work when we can forget the differences of opinion and work to raise the social standard. But, I know, that is idealistic, and won't work. We need union more than anything else. We need to pick our words, especially in legislation, and spend time writing law, not write it and rush it through.

I am not familiar with Nancy Pelosi, but I know her type. Michael Moore, Ann Coulter. Although I do think that it is very possible for a person to state their position, and be liberal. In fact I think the more towards to horizon of the political spectrum you go, the more pronounced, and deliberate those opinions become. People like me in the middle, or towards the middle, will gladly state their opinion but will be willing to compromise their opinion for the general betterment of the General Will. Willing to give a little so others can have a little.

I do not doubt that there have been Democrats in office who wield there mighty armed forces around at times. I think that war is necessary at times. I bite my tongue when I say it, but I know it is true. A great dilemma of mine, is when is war necessary. Our involvement in WW2 is an example of when I would support a war. When I say support, I mean, I would as a physician offer my abilities to help save lives, I would never shoot a gun.

War is an interesting concept to me. In my opinion, it is a relic of man's more primitive days, when we could not easily communicate to one another, and the only way to openly communicate is through the transcription of anger into violence. Now we can communicate to some degree very well with one another. War is ALWAYS over political reasons. War is what happens to two people in a bar that can't communicate why one person accidentally spilt a beer on another guy. Or why one guy isn't conscientious enough to apologize to the other person he just cut off on the road, which results in a battery-ramming event on the beltway between two well educated adults that could possibly be great friends had they only communicated. When we jump to conclusions we get in wars, no matter the size of the participating parties or the dispute. Everything is political, and so in my opinion can be solved politically. These things come down to patience, which men generally don't have. Maybe the reason I am so good at it is because I grew up in a house with seven women, and it is key to mental health in that environment. Perhaps that is why I feel that communication is key. Women talk out their problems, men fight them out. Do we need more women in the world? I'll let someone smarter than myself answer that. But anyways, that is my war-view. In a few words, only when there is no other option. And even that is too vague.

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Poster: Patriot Date: May 14, 2004 9:37am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

The reason this war, above all others, should rank highly on your radar screen is this: We were attacked. We were attacked by an enemy with no country, no uniform, no U.N. Representative to negotiate with.

In WW2, Hitler was a remarkable and easily identifiable villain. Today, doc, we do not have that luxury. IMHO, it is a sect of people acting underground with a goal of killing you. And me. And your dog. They hate your dog. They hate you owning your dog. They don't much like what you watch on tv either, but they figure when you are dead, you won't watch it any more.

We either engage them wherever they exist, or they will engage us where we exist. If you have not heard the audio of the young liberal Jewish fella getting his head cut off, I suggest you do so. The difference between hearing and not hearing is the difference between pacifism and activism. While that was a nice fella that wanted a job in Iraq, the terrorists that did it would not have cared if it was you or me.

They believe liberals to be useful idiots. They cheer when libs blame America for our problems. Their favorite tv station has even endorsed sKerry for president.

I believe that both of our opinions of war would be different if warriors were allowed to practice war, and politicians were to stick to politics... The two do not mix.

I'm more of a Star Trek utopian view than a one party thing.. I think that it will happen when we harness fusion, so long as they guy who develops it doesn't try to put a meter on it. When electrical power is clean and abundant, lots of things will change, especially in the third world countries.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling. I hear your points, and I believe you to be a good person, albeit a pacifist, but I still agree with your mom. Were I a surgeon, I would be there right now in Iraq. It would humble me to tend the wounds of someone who has shed blood to defend me against the evils that exist in this world. Just by putting on a uniform, the soldier has already done something good for me.


"It's not so much that absolute power corrupts. More likely it is that easily corruptable people are drawn to power. Good men, given a choice, find interest in other things." Unknown

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Poster: beenyweenies Date: Jun 11, 2004 4:14am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

You know, I've been reading over your posts and I'd like to speed-comment on the various positions you seem to take. First off, your comments expertly highlight the key difference between liberal-minded Democrats and conservative Republicans. Republicans view the world as a shopping mall - a smorgasbord of resources for the taking with less regard for the future than current satiation, a self indulgent playground where victory is the goal regardless of means. Liberals tend to view things much more globally, contemplating ramifications and accepting our role as guests on this planet, trying to strike a balance between human interest and long term health of our planet and its inhabitants great and small.

As for your individual posts, here goes:

Smoking laws - I agree that it is a bit draconian to impose smoking laws on private property such as bars and restaurants, however the tyranny of the few (smokers, myself included) applies tenfold when you are talking about serious health issues at stake. No one should have to avoid eating out with their children simply because one guy wants to sit there and chain smoke in their kid's face.

On this note, you whine about "libruls" trying to protect species and bemoan the loss of jobs as a result, which furthers my statement above about conservative's total lack of foresight or concern for the inhabitants with which we share this planet. Even if you accept the BS construct that "god almighty" put other creatures here to serve us, any good shephard knows you don't slaughter the entire flock lest you starve the following winter. This is simple foresight and management of resources, something completely lost in the self-serving and boundlessly greedy mind of the conservative.

Terrorism - If you really believe that terrorists simply "hate our freedom" you are hopeless. That explanation defies logic, but more importantly defies basic human needs. Every creature craves and needs freedom. If you would unplug from Fox Nationalist News long enough to review the facts on the ground, you would see that there are very real political reasons terrorists around the globe are lashing out. In the case of Osama, they are very sick of our military occupying their holy land and our repeated refusals to remove them or even compromise on the issue. Imagine if Iran sent tens of thousands of troops to Vatican City and set up shop, raping here and there, killing here and there. You think the world's Catholics would just shrug it off and go about their business? No. In addition, we have been sticking our greedy little paws into the middle east for decades, trying desperately to get our hands on their oil. No I will not substitute the word "food" for "oil" as you suggested because there is simply no connection. We attacked Iraq to get a military foothold in the Middle East and to get a fat slice of the oil pie, straight up. No WMDs, no connection to terrorism, nothing. Even if it were about food, there is no sane line of thinking that says it's okay to invade countries and murder citizens, so long as it's to save your own butt. And if you think this war was about human rights and Bush's desperate need to help the poor desperate souls in Iraq, just ask the guy who was forced to watch his father tortured to death by american soldiers in Abu Ghraib if he feels more free. Besides, your hero Ronny Reagan snuggled up to Saddam and made him what he was, as well as Pinochet, Ayatola Khomenei etc. etc. This is not about freedom for them, it's about money and power for us. We have meddled in so many country's affairs, installing any brutal bastard as dictator so long as he will keep "our" interests in mind. Then, when he spirals out of control and turns on us, we act indignant, shocked and horrified. Please tell me you know that Osama Bin Laden was CIA trained and financed to fight the Russians in Afghanistan... We create the monsters.

By the way, it made me all goose-bumpy and teary-eyed to hear that, were you a surgeon, you would be in Iraq right now 'cuz it would make you feel good "tending to wounds." You know, if you believe in this war so much maybe you and yours should be over there RECEIVING the wounds for this cause you so believe in, rather than sitting back from afar posting on chat boards about what a great thing it is and how we should all shut up or move to "communist Russia" (which by the way the majority of the Russian govt is NOT communist)

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Poster: Patriot Date: Nov 23, 2004 2:40pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

Well, beenie weenie... It's been a while since I've posted here, but I'll follow up your comments with a few of my own.

First off, if you don't believe terrorists simply hate us because we are us, you're wrong. Not because I say so, but because they have said so. You need to pull your head out of your.... out of the sand and open your eyes. Terrorists want us dead. You cannot negotiate with them, you cannot appease them, you can either convert to their way of thinking, or you can die at their hands. Again, those are not my words, those are theirs. Once you swallow your Communist News Network pride, you'll begin to understand that they don't want to just kill "us.." they want to kill "you."

As for Fox Nationalist News, as you call it, I find humor in watching the left wing guests they have on there. They come on to obfuscate, dodge, lie, cheat and steal, and think they are pulling the wool over people's eyes. Look, y'all are socialists. Why can't you just state your opinions as you believe them? Why can't you just be honest? Are you afraid you'll anger the redneck hillbillies in the red states even more in 2008, so you have to hide what you actually believe in? I think so, and THANK GOD almost 52% of voters agree. I couldn't stand a person with your closed mind being dog catcher.

The problem in this country is that every four years, we have to listen to the likes of you and your socialist buddies talk shit about America and the economy, and Republicans in general. I suppose the only fascist feeling I have in my body to repress is the urge to choke the living hell out of people like you every time I have to read about the ACLU or the NAALCP lying about something even I as a layman can see is factual or responsible.

As for moving to Russia, yeah, I do want you to go there. Go away. Your ideas have been repudiated. Your agenda, the one your kind tries to hide, is dying a slow and miserable death.

It's time for you to go, and go you will. Kicking and screaming, I'm sure, as that's all you sissies ever do.


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Poster: Ras Kumar Date: Aug 3, 2006 4:45pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

Well don't you know somethings wrong with Bush?! They [the CIA] rigged the elections. They controlled 9/11 not Al Qaeda. Why do you think the CIA has so mutch files marked as confidential or top secret. They have proof of aliens. They are terrorists. Al Qaeda has jumped into the fray in Israel and dont you know, Bush is fighting a losing war in Iraq as is Israel fighting a rather hopeless war in the Middle East. Bush started the war in Iraq as an excuse to kill innocent people [Iraqis] and the Iraqi military are traitors to their own people. As people say, Bush lied They Died, in reference to the marines KIA (Killed In Action). They are also traitors to their own people. The American people must stand up. And Bush is a Monster. If you want to see a amateur movie made by me last year (which is very crappy I must say but has some proof of what Bush has done to innocent people. Free the Cuba 5! Free Mumia! Stop torture and death and violence in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.Free all Guantanamo Detainees! Stop The Violence. A Luta Continua1 The Struggle Continues!.

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Poster: Patriot Date: Nov 23, 2004 2:56pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

Oh, and as to Liberals being the grown ups in the world, and Conservatives bieng the children on the playground.... Get real. I lived in Oregon when Bill Clinton and the Sierra Club came after the loggers to protect the spotted owl. The owl was not endangered, never was. It was a tool to stop logging, period.

I've never once seen a "fair minded" liberal EVER choose a person over a cause. I've never seen ONE example of an environmental "theory" that was not championed as a "looming disaster" or "a crisis."

The children here are folks like you. Well intentioned people, I'll give you that much, but very immature and resentful when scorned. You don't play well with others.

Your ozone hole? Gee, what ozone hole? Looming Ice Age in the 60's? Ahh, global warming... ICE CAPS ARE MELTING!!! Gee, sea levels are dropping last I checked... Salmon NEED protecting!!! Last years salmon run was the largest in 50 years.

I could go on and on... Failed policy after failed policy. You people are so boring and predictable... I doubt you'll ever learn though. Like children, you have to actually burn your hand before you'll believe the stove is too hot to touch.